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Deputy Director-General Li Hong Meets with the Ryukyuan Delegation

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A 22-member delegation of descendants of the former Ryukyuan royal family, headed by Shō Masamu, a great-grandson of the last Ryukyuan King Shō Tai, visited Fujian for a 4-day “root-seeking” tour at the invitation of Fujian Tuofu Culture and Education Foundation. Deputy Director-General Li Hong met with the delegation in Fuzhou on March 18. 

Fujian and Okinawa shared a strong bond of friendship in history. With joint efforts, the two sides have seen frequent communications and closer cooperation in business, culture, and tourism since the establishment of the sister relationship two decades ago. Today, Fujian still preserves many Ryukyu-related historical sites, such as Ryukyu-kan and Ryukyu Islander Cemetery. The bilateral contacts between the people remain sound and vibrant. Lots of successful entrepreneurs in Fujian are keen to further the relations by setting up organizations like Fujian Tuofu Culture and Education Foundation, Huangbo (Obaku) Culture Promotion Council, and Fujian Economy and Culture Promotion Association in Japan. These organizations have played an active role in deepening bilateral cooperation in economy, culture and people-to-people interactions. Mr. Li suggested that the delegation members establish contact with the organizations and shift the non-governmental exchanges into a higher gear. 

Mr. Shō thanked for the hospitality accorded to the delegation by the Fujian side. This was his first visit to Fujian where he saw a mass of well-preserved or newly renovated Ryukyu-related cultural relics which show a great deal about how inclusive and broad-minded the Chinese nation is. The delegation members also expressed that the visit has deepened their understanding about Fujian and they will be more proactive in facilitating Fujian-Okinawa friendly exchanges to bring the people of the two sides even closer.